Thursday, March 29, 2007

Gas Chamber, Jews, Zionists, Hitler, Nazis, Arabs and Muslims

Gas Chamber, Jews, Zionists, Hitler, Nazis, Arabs and Muslims

Gas Chamber – Is it Long Overdue? and Gas Chamber – Waiting For Him are based on two physical confrontations with me for wearing a harmless T–shirt. The headlines of these two articles may not appear very friendly, and I may have used a few avoidable crude and emotive words to convey a few burning points of contention.

People like Bet Yeor author of “Eurabia”, Melanie Philips author of “Londonistan”, Raphael Israeli, Nick Cohen and many more professional and well oiled personalities have been promoting ideas like banning Arabs and Muslims from Australia, Europe and America. Whilst at the same time, as Zionist supporters, such people have been aiding and abetting murder of Arab and Muslim kids in their kindergartens, schoolyards and backyards with F 18s, Apache helicopters, tanks and machine guns! They have been doing so by using many chapters and principles of Hitler, possibly borrowed from Meine-Kumf (my struggle)! Actions of successive Israeli governments of all persuasions distinctly provides mountains of evidence to satisfy the fact that they are following Zionism to such an extent that Nazism looks like innocent child play! The Iron Wall, Mohammed Alatar’s low budget documentary supports the reality i.e. Zionists are worse than Nazis!

Strangely, the abovementioned Zionists are not condemned for their nazi-like actions. However, I was chastised by my good friends for not using softer languages in my previous articles mentioned above. Even the 5000 members strong “Muslim Village” forum of Australia refused to publish my articles. Because they know, such a publication may provoke John Howard’s tanks and machine guns at Lakemba or Bankstown, or perhaps even a one-way ticket to Guantanomo Bay!

Therefore the question is why do we have such a huge double standard and hypocrisy. Moreover, how could we bring some balance into the debate regarding Israel and Palestine without being falsely tagged as extremists?

Finally, to see for yourself, please click the following link. Then, let us know what you think. Do you agree that the Zionists are worse than Hitler, and remember that you will no longer be able to claim that you did not know, because now you do know!

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