Thursday, April 1, 2010

Taxi Driver to Muslims and Lebanese Muslims!

Taxi Driver to Muslims and Lebanese Muslims!

Paragraph 6 of “Australia, Australian values and Psyche” was based on false information and false representation propagated by the “taxi mafia” as rumor and divide and rule are their preferred weapons against public and workers. Would you believe many falls for it too!

The story was surfacing like this since 2003 and the taxi mafia took advantage in their recent Meter Magazine:

Most taxi drivers would have permanent customers ranging from doctors, engineers, workers, priest to prostitutes! In this case a father of three had two permanent prostitute customers. They had their own arrangements ranging from taxi fares to oldest profession known as “lather technology/business”. Somehow things went wrong. These prostitutes found out that they could make $50 000.00 from the victims compensation process by making a complaint. So, they joined the drama which is fairly easy to proof! Now the smart driver is crying and prostitutes are laughing all the way to the bank while the driver is possibly heading for Long Bay “Hilton”. Many opined that the driver is not the real problem but Lebanese is for a number of well known reasons.

Nonetheless it is not a taxi driver problem. It is neither a religious or ethnic problem. Therefore we can breathe easy so that the law enforcement process can take care of the situation without any creative venom.

The milking cow ‘holocaust’ is getting bigger and bigger every day. No Muslims or Arabs were detained let alone convicted for lighting bush fire. Yet according to Australia's nightmare: bushfire jihad and pyroterrorism Muslims and Arabs are guilty! I suppose that’s how they have invented ‘holocaust’ and magnifying it since then.

Australia, Australian values and Psyche

Australian Values are a wonderful addition beside the beauty of Lucky Country.

CAPTAIN LALOR, THEY'RE OURS, THE ENEMY, GALLIPOLI, GALLIPOLI and Bull Shit Nationalism failed to wake up Australia. Even In Pictures: Massacre of Gazan Children failed to bring some sense of justice or compassion in Australia! Morons & White Trash are ruling the airwaves, radio, television, newspapers as well as some demented leftists too.

Flood, drought and bush fire are part of Australian landscape. Similarly lighting up bushfires, looking after mates and looting flood and fire victims are also Australian tradition. As a result they say, “you loot – we shoot”.

Successive Australian governments are trigger happy about terrorism and going out of their way to make enemies around the world. Yet not one Australians died in Australia due to terrorism. However this years’ Victorian bushfire alone killed around 200. Most of the people detained and accused for lighting up bush fires are not Arabs or Muslims. Yet, some section of the media outlets found out websites belongs to Muslim groups, “urging Muslims to use bushfire as a part of Jihad”!

The taxi mafia has been causing all kinds of trouble in this country while they are very good at shifting any and all blames at workers and migrants. Last week one of the mafia wrote an editorial in the “Meter” blaming migrant and workers for everything.

This week we are hearing an Indian and Pakistani taxi drivers respectively raped their passengers at Black town and Manly! In this critical moment I will urge everyone to have a look at Vilification of Taxi Drivers and Ethnic Groups. One reliable person incorrectly told me, “the driver was from Somalia”!

Independent Commission Against Corruption could be used as a reference point of the Sydney Taxi Industry or even Australia! TAXI TRIBUNAL THAT LACKS TRANSPARENCY and Rats in The Ranks could be a good start too.

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