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Population Debate in Australia

Population Debate in Australia

Australia is an island continent with a population of a town!

The first fleet people were jealous of the second fleet mobs!

The European invaders were scared of other invaders since their arrivals and they did everything they could to frighten all possible and fictitious invasions including a trickle of refugees who are drifting at Australian shores today!

It is not Phony Tony (Tony Abbott) but a serious pastor named Tom Malthus told us, “supply and demand always stays proportional by destroying excess demand through hunger, disease, war, …”. Many famines and wars like WW1, WW2, …. may have given some credibility to Tom. However, in the long run he was proven to be wrong.

Recently many shock jocks and spin doctors told us that a wealthy China will eat out our fish stocks, buy our foods and we have to fight with China for our survival! In reality, they were proven to be wrong and even today they refused to accept their mistakes!

Now, China would like to sell more food stuff and fruits to us! Surprisingly, the same shock jocks and spin doctors are using xenophobia to stop those products!!

As we discussed earlier in The Hungry Mile to Barangaroo that people of Australia used to be hungry despite the existence of the protective White Australia Policy with a very small population without migrants!

It is a proven fact that Australia became rich and vibrant at the back of migrants and innovations. Australia’s affluence and strength continued to enhance with bigger population like USA and Europe.

Last night, conservative Mark O’Connor and pragmatic James Aarvanitakis delivered speeches about Population Growth. Mark was sheltered, fearful and full of old ideas contrary to James. James was innovative, creative and brave.

During the interactive exchanges I have presented my ideas based on above materials and many people from the floor including a few speakers supported me. However, due to a noisy interjection of a couple of older people I could not present the damaging fact about Australian taxi industry where pure racism and ignorance are hurting workers interests and society good.

This week, Q and A of ABC will conduct a debate about population. Hope they will include points mentioned in Population Debate in Australia too.

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